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My content is a mindset because I think the whole thing, life, business, entrepreneurship, is a one or zero, black or white. It’s very binary. You’re either optimistic and on the offense or your pessimistic and on defense.
Gary Vee - a dude that Loves the hustle


Why are you working for someone else and providing them with your precious time? Start working for yourself. It's that simple, cross out the daily Nine to Five routine!



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Level-up your Mornings with 5AM Club and Productivity

Robin Sharma's bestselling book 'The 5 am club', has inspired thousands of people to control their lives and habits by...

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The Interesting Concept of EFT

The majority of people inevitably find themselves dealing with pain or mental illness, and EFT is a concept that aims...

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Photography w/Vera [English]

Eighth Episode (with Vera.wilders) What did it mean for Vera to start photography? In this podcast episode you'll find out. You'll...

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Manifesting Yourself [English]

Seventh Episode (with Dshamilja Sturm) Do you know what it means to unlock your true potential, well in this podcast you...

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Actors World [English]

Sixth Episode (with Flavio Parenti)The world of an actor is an interesting one, how do they start and make a career...

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Digital Nomad Life [English]

Fifth Episode (with Flaminia) Today we'll be discovering what it means to be a digital nomad. What it means to...

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