• Consulting

    Learn digital MKT with me using Paid Social (FB, IG, Linkedin, Snap, TikTok, Pinterest). I'll mentor you through campaign structures, attribution, audiences and all digital advertising best practices with webinars and coaching calls!
    - Fritz

  • Creative

    Dive into Adobe Creative Suite, ad creatives & all things content with Greg. A collaborative & growth-filled experience designed to take your work and designs to the next level with webinars and coaching calls. Better at selling with ads!
    - Greg

  • Bring It All Together

    Take a deep dive into it all - digital marketing, ad campaigns, creatives & content, and so much more with this dual-threat team. We will teach you the ins-and-outs of everything we have learned along our journeys. It'll be a adventure!

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Digital marketing is complex and an art, with the MNDST team we will simplify it for you. With us you can learn the in and outs of what the best practices are. With 5+ years of experience together we will teach you what the best combination of Copy Writing, Creative and Buying Psychology is to generate converting creatives and campaigns. With the results of your ads we can then make data driven decisions which will further improve ROI and your KPIs.

This is the perfect place to start off if you're new to Paid Social and not getting any conversions or results. Learn advanced social strategies for Meta, Snap, Pin, TikTok or Linkedin


With the biggest lever being creatives, it is important that you master the right strategy. Launching multiple creative concepts and testing a bunch has become fundamental but so has the usage of user generated content (UGC), hence we are here to show you best practice and also develop the creatives for you. This includes heavy Adobe suited creatives.


Combine both creative and execution together. We'll be able to execute your campaigns and create creatives for you. All we need is your footage. Alternatively we can create footage for you if you provide us with your product or example of your service.

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