After working on MNDST for quite some time I noticed that the mindset is incredibly unique to a person. Each individual has their opinion on what is best for them. This is why I have collaborated with some artists who will be showcased here as ART is a form of expressing your mindset. We all share some common beliefs, which I want to reflect on our products. 

1. We all want to spread our positivity and are inspired by our mentors or influencers 
2. We are motivated to becoming the best versions of ourselves and have a 'growth mindset'.
3. Getting somewhere doesn't come without work, each one of us is willing to fully commit to see results. 

    Our brand tries to communciate this through its' products and with the personalization of artists' art on our products we can support them and our message.

    1. Stella

    Chloe Stella is a freelance illustrator and visual designer based in New York City. With more than a decade of formal & independent fine art education and training, she has developed a multidisciplinary approach to her design execution and production. Regardless of her versatility, she knows there’s more to learn from other creatives, through modes of connection, conversation, and collaboration. You could say she keeps a pretty open and positive mindset in pursuing what she loves to do.

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    None of is stronger than all of us

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    What she did for MNDST. 

    Here you can find all the Stella Products
    We created hoodies and T-Shirts which are extremely comfortable and you can find here art work on the back. See samples below


    2. LULU Creative

    Curated online art gallery dedicated to empower creativity by showcasing Ukrainian talents and bring art closer to your everyday life #lulucreative.

    This artwork consists of 2 pieces, and there could be many unique ways of hanging it in the house. It was made with the highest quality Italian oil and was covered with spf varnish.

    What she did for MNDST.

    Here you can find all the LuLu Creative Products
    We created hoodies and you can find here art work on the back. See sample below