We believe that with the right mindset, you can achieve any goal in life. So let’s talk about the different “types of hustlers”, interesting characters in the world making a living while not sticking to 9 to 5 jobs. If you don't have spotify you can listen to all podcasts here. On Podbean every episode will be streamed as well. 

1. First Episode (with Founder)

A podcast briefly explaining what MNDST is, what it means, and where we are going. Get a glimpse.

2. Second Episode (with Nici)

Ein sehr nettes gespräch mit Nici (@mari.linni). Heute geht es um Vegan sein, was es für sie bedeutet und die relevanz von ihrem IG account. 


3. Third Episode (with grantjbates)

A quick view of Grant James Bates (@grantjbates) world. Listen to his journey to become a successful advisor to HNWIs and how Instagram helps him achieve this.