Getting Back Up After a Failure

Getting Back Up After a Failure

If there is one fear that most human beings on this planet share, it is a fear of failure. No one wants to fail when they try at something, and more importantly, no one wants someone else to see them fail. It is completely understandable that we all want to do our best and see it pay off, but a fear of failure has never scared anyone into winning. It leads to performance anxiety and then forces us all to feel terrible when we try at something and it doesn’t work out. Failing is rough and with it can come some pretty negative emotions, but eventually, you have to get back up on the horse before you can make it to your next big victory. For this article, we brought together a few things to do in order to pick yourself back up after a failure.

Be Kind to Yourself

The worst thing that you can do after a failure is sit and belittle yourself over it. So often a failure turns into someone telling themselves all the ways that they messed up and how unacceptable it is. This negative thinking only adds fuel to a fear of failure, and it will not encourage you to want to try again. Instead, it will leave you rehashing your every failure instead of moving onto your next challenge.

Remember That Failure Happens

Everyone one this planet will fail at something, and more often than not, they will fail at something important to them. Instead of focusing on the idea that you failed and making yourself feel bad about it, remind yourself that this is completely normal. We all mess up sometimes. Sometimes we are unprepared, or an accident happens. This is life. No one is capable of doing their very best every single minute of every single day. Give yourself a break.

Learn from Your Failure

If there is one surefire way to take a failure and turn it into something great, it is to sit down and learn from it. Push aside the sting of your failure and figure out where you went wrong so that you know how to do better next time. This is the best way to improve, and it will help you get over that pesky fear of failure. When you fail, use it as a tool. Conduct some analysis and use what you find to improve your performance next time!


Failing isn’t the end of your success. It is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the challenge that you faced. It doesn’t feel great when you don’t succeed, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed next time. All failing means is that something went wrong, so your job is to figure out what it was and learn from it. Using failure as a tool to fuel your future success is something that all of the most successful people do, so take a page out of their playbooks and go chase down your next big win!

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