How can I join the mndst?

How can I join the mndst?

I get this question a lot, and in this blog post I’ll elaborate on this topic. In advance, not to waste anyone’s time, the simple answer is - anyone can join, there are no barriers. You can do this by following our blog, Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter – Links all below. However, to really understand the philosophy behind the brand and what it means you must live it every day.

Since it is a mental state, it should be a lifestyle and become a habit. A lifestyle that provides you with positivity, direction and constant growth. This starts with knowing that you are in control over your emotions and feelings, even though this is not achieved easily. In order to start you need to believe, in yourself and the people who support you. Without believing, how do you imagine achieving it?

By believing in yourself, you’re heading the right direction. Believe in realistic goals, actions that are attainable like running those 5km or receiving a good grade in some project. In the long run these challenges can always be harder. Waking up every day believing in yourself will add so much confidence in your daily routine and will already trigger a positive mindset. So don’t ask the question how you can join and just believe. Believe there are no limits and you can always join.


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