Learning to Calm Yourself

Learning to Calm Yourself

For those who find anxiety to be a constant unwanted companion, dealing with it is a part of life. The fact is that everyone feels anxious from time to time. Whether you are always anxious or you are relatively new to it, there are a variety of ways that you can work to manage that anxiety and achieve your own sense of calm. Self-calming techniques are a wonderful way to take your mind off anxiety and help you to reclaim your time, so we wanted to break down a few easy techniques that anyone can benefit from.


Acknowledge What is Making You Anxious

Anxiety is a peculiar sensation that affects everyone differently. Some people get anxious and cry. Others get anxious and get angry. For most people, it makes little sense because we get too hung up on the emotion and not the cause. Long-term anxiety sufferers are more likely to struggle with identifying causes because the anxiety is such a constant backdrop that it can just feel like everything is causing it. Still, it is important to recognize what is worrying you, no matter how small it is. A lot of us are guilty of ignoring our anxiety because we feel foolish for it, but this doesn’t help. Figure out what is bugging you whether it is an upcoming interview, the drive home, or the worry that someone won’t like your idea at work. When you identify it, you can overcome it more effectively.


Run A Reality Check

The real problem with anxiety is the way that it skews how we think. There is some merit to the mountains out of molehills idea, and that is what anxiety does. When you find yourself having anxious and frantic thoughts, try reality checking them. Is the outcome really likely? Is it possible that it won’t happen like that? If you can’t accurately gauge it, ask someone close to you that you can trust.


Write or Talk It Out

Sometimes all that you need to do to quell your anxiety is to let the bad thoughts out. Journaling is a great way to release these unpleasant thoughts so that you don’t keep them in your mind and fixate. Not everyone is comfortable talking their anxieties out, but if you are, rambling at someone who you can trust is a nice way to let it all out. Just avoid sharing with people who will dramatize or share in the panic.


Use Meditative Breathing or Yoga

Meditation and yoga are miracle workers for anxiety because it forces you to really sit down and steady your breathing. When you control your breathing, it naturally stops your body from dumping cortisol, which is known for causing anxiety.



Every single person on this planet will inevitably deal with anxiety. Many people believe that anxiety is something that must be endured, but it really isn’t. Take the time to really find out what is causing the problem, then take active steps to move past it. You’ll be glad to see the anxiety retreat!


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