MNDST. in Rome

MNDST. in Rome

Recently we did a photoshoot in Rome, it was beautiful. The sun was bright, the temperature warm and the city gorgeous. Rome always has so much to offer, regardless of where you are in the city center you will find beautiful architecture and people. The photoshoot was done with Mary Kate who has been living in Rome for quite some time. She's interested in fashion, beauty and traveling and it was a perfect fit to shoot with her.

 The reason being she is a self driver, someone who believes in herself and someone who is always curious to find out more. She has her blog and you can read about her interests there. The way she works hard on her blog is a matter of dedication and consistency, a mindset. Something I can really relate to and in fact, that is something that I admire in people. I also believe that with consistency and dedication, you will be able to reach any goal you set, most definitely not immediately, it takes time! The same way I try to tell people about Growth mindset, it will take time. However, starting somewhere is important, the way she did with her blog or with her content. Which is something that everyone should do, which is just to start. But let's get back on track, the photoshoot we did, see below the awesome pictures and, I'm sure you can tell the weather was fantastic. 


And here again a link to the post she did for MNDST. 


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