The Interesting Concept of EFT

The Interesting Concept of EFT

The majority of people inevitably find themselves dealing with pain or mental illness, and EFT is a concept that aims to make it completely disappear. EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, is a cross of old Chinese medicine and meditation that is designed to help you to overcome certain problems within. Many people are using this technique to combat things like chronic pain, anxiety, and symptoms associated with PTSD. This fairly new and unique technique is claiming to have some pretty great results, and you can even do it from home. In this article, we will explore what EFT really is.

The Focus

In order to overcome the problem that you are having, it is important to acknowledge it. This might look a little different for everyone. It might be something like a horrific event that occurred or even just something that has been holding you down. For others, it might be chronic pain and the way that it has influenced your life. Choose what you are looking to overcome for the session.

The Acceptance

When we grapple with something emotionally, it is easy to hold it against ourselves. Common thoughts like “I should just get over it” or “it wasn’t that bad” can be incredibly damaging. Shaming yourself for feeling something will not help you to overcome it. It will hold you back and make you feel worse in the long run, forcing you to internalize it instead of dealing with it. For the acceptance portion, you must tell yourself that you are dealing with something, but are still filled with complete love and acceptance for yourself.

 The Process

EFT is a process that involves tapping while you openly vocalise what you are going through. As you acknowledge what is hurting you and remind yourself that you are filled with self-love, you or a practitioner will tap the meridian points of the body in order.

The Meridian Points Include:

  • Top of the head
  • The inner edge of the eyebrow
  • The outside corner of the eye
  • The bone below your eye
  • Under the nose
  • Between the bottom lip and chin
  • Below the collarbone
  • Below the armpit


Many people have gone to bat for this interesting new concept that is helping people all around the globe to overcome their worries. Whether it is the meridian points, which are often used in acupuncture, or the centered feeling that comes with focusing on the moment, many people are finding relief with this interesting new technique.

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