Why and how did I start MNDST?

Why and how did I start MNDST?

To begin with, I didn't start it on my own, I started with a friend, Maarten. I also had lots of great support from my now ex-girlfriend. However, the real reason we created this brand was that we had previously done other E-Commerce businesses and noticed that there is an incredible community around the whole space. We also knew that many members are trying to educate and teach each other their ways. They do this by offering online services or 1 on 1 sessions, which only work if someone is dedicated enough to put in the work. 

This leads us to MNDST. a brand that is supposed to motivate you and keep you going, not only in business but also in your daily activities. To constantly look on the bright side, find small achievements, stay positive and be real at the same time. This is especially hard given that we are constantly under pressure from society, friends, and family to be a person we might not want to be.

MNDST. is supposed to bring out the best in every person, their uniqueness and their traits, without judgment. It is also meant to make you believe in yourself and your mindset, which is the reason you act, do and behave. Unlike other street brands its for people who want to stand out and stand strong. 

Hope this answers the question! 

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